Lash Curl Types - 10+ Popular Lash Extension Curls

Eyelash extensions have revolutionised the beauty industry, offering a semi-permanent solution for enhancing the eyes’ natural beauty. Among the various aspects that contribute to the perfect set of lash extensions, the lash curl types stands out as a critical factor that defines the overall appearance and appeal of the extensions. With more than 10 popular lash extension curls available, understanding the nuances of each can help you select the ideal curl type that complements your natural lashes and suits your aesthetic preferences.

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Lash Curl Types - 10+ Popular Lash Extension Curls​
Lash Curl Types - 10+ Popular Lash Extension Curls​

How Many Eyelash Extension Curls Are There?

How Many Lash Extension Curls Are There?​
How Many Lash Extension Curls Are There?​

The variety of lash extension curls caters to different eye shapes, sizes, and desired looks. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular types of eyelash curls:

  • J Curl: The most natural of all the curls, the J Curl offers a slight upward lift akin to the natural curl of one’s lashes. Ideal for those who prefer a subtle enhancement, this curl is perfect for adding a touch of length without the drama of more pronounced curls. It’s particularly suited for clients with naturally straight lashes who want a hint of curvature.
  • B Curl: A step up in the curl department, the B Curl provides a gentle, natural lift. It’s slightly more noticeable than the J Curl but still maintains a soft, understated look. This curl is excellent for those seeking a bit of enhancement that’s not too far from their natural lash line’s curvature, making it suitable for everyday wear.
  • C Curl: Balancing natural appeal with a touch of drama, the C Curl is among the most popular choices for its versatility. It offers a noticeable curl that opens up the eye without venturing into the territory of overly dramatic lash styles. This curl type suits a wide range of eye shapes, making it a go-to option for many clients and lash artists alike.
  • CC Curl: Taking things a notch higher, the CC Curl provides more lift and curvature than the C Curl, serving those desiring a more open and alert look. It straddles the line between natural and dramatic, making it an excellent choice for clients who wish to venture beyond the subtlety of C Curls without the full commitment to D Curl drama.
  • D Curl: For those aiming for maximum impact, the D Curl delivers a dramatic, pronounced curl that truly opens up the eye. This curl is perfect for achieving a doll-like or glamorous look, offering significant curvature that elevates lash extension styles to new heights of drama.
  • DD Curl: Extending the drama of the D Curl, the DD Curl goes a step further, offering even more lift and curl for an ultra-glamorous, high-impact look. It’s suited for bold beauty enthusiasts who aren’t shy about making their lashes a focal point of their makeup look.
  • L Curl: With its distinctive flat base and dramatic upward curl, the L Curl is specifically designed to lift and enhance the lash line, making it ideal for clients with hooded eyelids or straight lashes that require significant elevation. This L curl type ensures the lashes are visible and impactful, even on challenging eye shapes.
  • L+ Curl: Building on the unique attributes of the L Curl, the L+ Curl offers an even sharper upward trajectory, providing maximum visibility and dramatic lift for deep-set or hooded eyes. It’s designed to ensure the lashes make a statement, cutting through the challenges posed by less visible lash lines.
  • M Curl: The M Curl stands out for its middle lift, creating a unique, doll-like effect that adds dimension and depth to the eye. This curl is perfect for clients looking for a striking, unusual look that accentuates the centre of the lash line, offering a playful, whimsical aesthetic.
  • U Curl: As the most dramatically curled option, the U Curl provides an unparalleled level of curvature, creating a circle-like effect that is bold and unmistakable. Designed for lash wearers who desire the ultimate curl, it offers an eye-catching look that stands out from the crowd.

Comparison: C Curl vs. D Curl Lashes and C curl vs. CC curl lashes

In the realm of eyelash extensions, selecting the right curl can significantly influence your overall look. C, CC, and D curls are among the most popular choices, each offering a unique aesthetic. Understanding the nuances between them can help you make an informed decision that complements your natural beauty. Here’s a closer look at the comparisons:

The main difference between C curl lashes vs. D curl lashes is their intensity and the kind of look they create. C curls are more subtle and give a natural look, while D curls are bold and dramatic. You should choose the type of curl that aligns with the look you want to achieve, your eye shape, and how prominent you want your lashes to be in your overall appearance.

c curl vs. d curl
C curl vs. D curl

There are two C lash curl types: C curls and CC curls. The main difference between them is the degree of lift and the eye-opening effect they provide. CC curls give a more dramatic look by lifting the lash line more prominently than C curls, but they still maintain a balance that is not as dramatic as D curls. The choice between C and CC curls ultimately depends on your personal preference for lift and the specific look you want to achieve.

C curls vs. CC curls
C curls vs. CC curls
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Eyelash Extension Curls Chart

An eyelash extension curls chart visualizes the differences in curl shapes and angles, serving as a valuable tool for both lash technicians and clients to make informed decisions.

Eyelash Extension Curls Chart​
Eyelash Extension Curls Chart​
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How to Choose the Best Lash Curl for each eye shape?

Choosing the best eyelash extension curls to complement different eye shapes is an art form that can dramatically enhance one’s natural beauty. Eyelash extensions come in a variety of curls, each designed to suit different eyelid and eye shapes, from almond and round to hooded and monolid. Here’s a guide to help you select the most flattering eyelash extension curls based on your eye shape:

Almond Eyes

Almond-shaped eyes are versatile and can pull off almost any lash curl. However, C or D curls are particularly flattering, accentuating the natural upturn of almond eyes with a balanced lift that adds both depth and openness.

Round Eyes

For round eyes, the goal is often to elongate and create a more almond-like appearance. D curls work wonderfully here, providing significant lift and curvature that helps extend the eye’s shape. CC curls can also offer a slightly less dramatic lift while still achieving a beautiful, eye-opening effect.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes feature a prominent brow bone with less visible eyelid space. L and L+ curls are ideal for hooded eyes as they have a straight base that transitions into a sharp upward curl, maximizing lash visibility beyond the hooded lid. This curl type effectively opens up the eye area, making the lashes more prominent.

Monolid Eyes

Monolid eyes can benefit from curls that add both lift and curvature, making D and L curls excellent choices. These curls help open up the eye area and ensure that the lashes are visible and impactful, contributing to a more dramatic and defined look.

Deep-Set Eyes

Deep-set eyes sit further into the skull, creating a more pronounced brow bone. D curls are perfect for deep-set eyes as they offer the lift needed to bring the lashes forward, enhancing visibility and adding dimension to the eyes.

Close-Set Eyes

For close-set eyes, the aim is to draw attention outward to create the illusion of a wider-set eye. Using longer lashes with C or D curls on the outer corners can achieve this effect, elongating the eye shape and balancing the overall facial features.

Wide-Set Eyes

Wide-set eyes can be balanced by emphasizing the inner corners. Shorter lashes with a B or C curl applied to the inner corners can help draw the eyes inward, creating a look that is more centred and harmonious.

Downward-Turning Eyes

To lift and balance downward-turning eyes, D or DD curls are particularly effective. These curls provide a significant upward lift, counteracting the downward slope and creating a more youthful, alert appearance.

How to Choose the Best Lash Extension Curls for each eye shape?​
How to Choose the Best Lash Extension Curls for each eye shape?​

Choosing the Best Curl

  1. Consider your daily look: The curl you choose should complement your daily makeup style and the look you aim to achieve.
  2. Consult with a professional: A skilled lash technician can provide personalized advice based on your eye shape, natural lash condition, and lifestyle.
  3. Start conservatively: If you’re new to lash extensions, consider starting with a more subtle curl. You can always opt for a more dramatic curl in future appointments.

To achieve the perfect lash look, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the various types of eyelash curls. Whether you are looking for a subtle lift that creates a natural effect or a dramatic, voluminous look that steals the show, there are different curl types available to meet your preferences and eye shape. Skilled lash technicians at Eye Design Salon can help you explore the different options and choose the perfect curl that enhances your beauty and takes your lash game to the next level. With the versatility of eyelash extension curls, you can enjoy the transformative power they bring to your overall appearance.