Lash Extension Lengths, Curls, and Thickness

Eyelash extensions can greatly enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. However, with different options to choose from in terms of lengths, curls, and thicknesses, it can be confusing to pick the right one. This guide aims to simplify the process of choosing the right lash extension lengths for you so that you can make well-informed decisions and achieve your desired look.

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Lash Extension Lengths, Curls, and Thickness​
Tips to choose lash extension lengths, curls and thickness

Lash extension length types

Lash Extension Length Types​
Lash Extension Length Chart

In the world of eyelash extensions, lengths can vary from a subtle 4 mm to a dramatic 22 mm, offering a spectrum of possibilities. Most beauty salons typically stock extensions ranging from 7 mm to 15 mm to cater to a broad array of preferences and styles.

Short Lash Extensions (5-8 mm)

Ideal for those seeking a subtle eye enhancement, short lash extensions are perfect for inner corner application or achieving a natural look. They’re also suited for lower lash extensions, providing a cohesive and understated appearance.

Medium Lash Extensions (9-12 mm)

The go-to choice for a balance between natural and noticeable, medium lash extensions are versatile, enhancing the central and outer sections of the lash line. They cater well to individuals with medium to short natural lashes, offering an elegant lift without overstatement.

Long Lash Extensions (13-16 mm)

For those aiming to make a bold statement, long lash extensions add significant drama and allure, especially when applied to the central and outer areas of the eye. This range is ideal for individuals blessed with naturally longer lashes.

Extra-Long Lash Extensions (17-22 mm)

Reserved for the daring, extra-long extensions cater to clients craving exceptionally dramatic looks or possessing naturally long, strong lashes. These eyelash extension lengths are typically special-ordered for unique occasions, emphasizing a standout, glamorous eye presentation.

Lash curls

Lash curls​
Lash curl​ chart

Lash curls significantly influence the final aesthetic, ranging from the understated lift of a J Curl to the dramatic flair of D and U Curls. Each curl type offers a unique effect, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences and eye shapes.

  • J Curl: This is the least curled option, which offers a subtle lift to your lashes.
  • B Curl: The B Curl offers slightly more curl, providing a gentle enhancement to your natural lashes.
  • C Curl: This is a popular choice that offers a noticeable curl without being overly dramatic.
  • D Curl: If you’re looking for more drama, the D Curl delivers a significant lift to your lashes.
  • L and U Curls: These are specialty curls that provide unique shaping for specific eye types or desired looks.

Lash extension thickness

Lash extension thickness​
Lash extension thickness​ chart

Lash extensions typically come in various thicknesses, ranging from ultra-fine 0.03mm to a more dramatic 0.25mm. The most common thicknesses include:

  • 0.03mm – 0.07mm: Used mainly for volume lashes, these ultra-fine extensions are lightweight and ideal for creating a fuller look without overburdening the natural lashes.
  • 0.10mm – 0.15mm: Suitable for classic lash extensions, these thicknesses offer a more noticeable look while still maintaining a degree of naturalness.
  • 0.18mm – 0.25mm: These thicker extensions are less commonly used due to their weight but can be suitable for clients with strong, healthy natural lashes seeking a bold, mascara-like effect.

How to choose the most suitable lash sizes and thickness?

How to Choose the Most Suitable Lash Sizes and Thickness?​
Lash extension size chart

Choose the type of eyelash extensions

  • Classic Extensions: A single extension is applied to each natural lash, ideal for a subtle enhancement.
  • Volume Extensions: Multiple thin extensions are applied to one natural lash, creating a fuller look.
  • Hybrid Extensions: A mix of classic and volume techniques for a balanced, textured appearance.

Learn about the lash extension length guide

Understanding the natural length of your lashes and the look you desire is crucial. Opt for lengths of lash extensions that complement your natural lashes while achieving the aesthetic you’re aiming for.

Selecting the right eyelash extension sizes

Consider your daily routine, eye shape, and personal style. Your technician can help you decide which eyelash extension styles and length, curl, and thickness will best suit your needs, ensuring a beautiful, balanced look.

Asking your technician for good advice

A professional lash technician can provide personalized recommendations based on their expertise. They’ll consider factors such as your eye shape, natural lash condition, and lifestyle to suggest the best options.

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Samples eyelash extension size chart

Cat eye eyelash extensions length, curl, and thickness

Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions length, curl, and thickness​
Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions length, curl, and thickness​

Length: For a cat-eye look, you’ll typically want to use shorter lengths (around 8-10mm) towards the inner corner of the eye, gradually increasing to longer lengths (up to 13-15mm) towards the outer corner. This creates the signature winged appearance that lifts and elongates the eye shape.

Curl: A stronger curl, like a C or D curl, is ideal for cat-eye extensions. These curls provide a dramatic lift and curvature at the outer edge of the eyes, emphasizing the cat-eye effect.

Thickness: The thickness can vary based on the desired intensity and the health of the natural lashes. For a more subtle cat eye, 0.10mm to 0.15mm thickness may be appropriate. For a more dramatic look, some may opt for up to 0.18mm, but always consider the natural lash’s ability to support this weight.

Classic eyelash extensions length, curl, and thickness

Classic eyelash extensions​ length, curl, and thickness
Classic eyelash extensions​ length, curl, and thickness

Length: Classic extensions typically range from 9mm to 12mm, providing a natural look that enhances the existing lash line without appearing overly dramatic.

Curl: B or C curls are popular for classic lash extensions because they offer a natural lift that suits most eye shapes. These curls enhance the eyes’ openness without the dramatic effect of higher curls.

Thickness: A thickness of 0.10mm to 0.15mm is standard for classic eyelash extensions. This range offers a noticeable yet natural enhancement, mimicking the look of mascara without the clumps.

Doll eye eyelash extensions length, curl, and thickness

Doll eye eyelash extensions length, curl, and thickness​​
Doll eye eyelash extensions length, curl, and thickness​​

Length: Doll eye extensions often use a uniform length across the eye or slightly longer lengths in the middle of the lash line to create a rounded, open-eyed look. Lengths around 10mm to 15mm in the centre and slightly shorter on the ends achieve this effect.

Curl: C curls are well-suited to doll eye extensions for their balanced lift, which helps open up the eye equally across the lash line, contributing to the doll-like appearance.

Thickness: A thickness of 0.10mm to 0.15mm works well for doll eye extensions, offering fullness and visibility that contribute to the wide-eyed look without overwhelming the natural lashes.

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Choosing the right lash extension lengths, curls, and thicknesses is about balancing your aesthetic goals with the health and capabilities of your natural lashes. Consulting with a skilled lash technician at Eye Design Salon and considering these factors will ensure you achieve a look that not only enhances your natural beauty but also feels comfortable and lasts.