Should I get eyelash refills? Is it worth it?

Lash infills are an essential part of maintaining the beauty of your eyelash extensions over time. As time passes, natural shedding and growth cycles can cause gaps in your lash line, which can lead to a loss of fullness and symmetry from your initial set. However, regular eyelash refill appointments can help you keep your lashes looking luscious and voluminous. In this article, we will explore the importance of lash infills and how they help in maintaining the longevity of your eyelash extensions.

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Should I get eyelash refills? Is it worth it?​
Should I get eyelash refills? Is it worth it?​

What's a Lash Refill?

Eyelash refills, also known as lash infills, are maintenance appointments scheduled after your full set application. As natural lashes shed and new ones grow, gaps begin to appear in your lash extensions. Refills involve adding new extensions to these new growth lashes and replacing any that might have fallen out or grown out. These appointments are crucial for maintaining the fullness and beauty of your lash extensions and typically take 45 to 60 minutes.

Why do you need to refill your eyelash extensions?

Natural Lash Cycle

Natural Lash Cycle​
Natural Lash Cycle​

The growth of eyelashes, like other hair on the body, follows a specific cycle that includes three phases:

Anagen (Growth) Phase: During this phase, the lashes are actively growing, and it can last between 30 to 45 days. Only a small percentage of lashes are in this phase at any given time, which is why all your lashes don’t grow or shed at once.

Catagen (Transition) Phase: This is a short transitional phase where the lashes stop growing, and the hair follicle shrinks. If an eyelash falls out or is removed during this phase, it won’t start growing back until this phase concludes. This phase can last 2 to 3 weeks.

Telogen (Resting/Shedding) Phase: This is the final stage, where the lashes are at rest, and it is the longest phase, lasting about 100 days. At the end of this phase, the eyelashes naturally fall out, making room for new growth that begins the cycle anew.

The growth of eyelashes
The growth of eyelashes

At any given time, each of your natural lashes is at a different stage of this cycle. Lash extensions are attached to individual natural lashes, so when a natural lash sheds, the extension attached to it sheds as well. Lash infills are necessary to attach new extensions to the new natural lashes that have grown since your last appointment.

Lash Extensions Life Cycle

Lash Extensions Life Cycle​
Lash Extensions Life Cycle​

Understanding the life cycle of lash extensions over a four-week period is essential for anyone looking to maintain their glamorous new look. Right after application, lash extensions are at their peak of perfection—full, fluffy, and perfectly aligned. During this initial week, it’s crucial to give the glue time to fully cure by keeping the lashes dry for the first 24-48 hours and treating them with extra care to prevent premature shedding.

As you enter the second week, your lash extensions will still look glamorous, albeit with potential minor gaps as some natural lashes shed as part of their growth cycle. Continuing to avoid oil-based products around the eyes and using a lash brush for daily grooming helps maintain their appearance. By the end of this week, experiencing some loss is normal, reflecting the natural shedding process of your lashes.

By the third week, more noticeable gaps may become evident, signalling that it’s time for a touch-up. This period marks a critical point where the extensions start to look less uniform, and the fullness diminishes due to ongoing natural lash shedding. Scheduling a lash infills appointment around this time is key to restoring the lush, full look of your extensions.

Approaching the fourth week, without lash infills, the extensions will appear significantly sparser. Any remaining extensions may look longer as they hang on to lashes that have nearly completed their growth cycle. Deciding whether to rejuvenate your lash line with another appointment or to let the extensions naturally fall off with the shedding lashes is crucial at this stage. Continuing gentle care is essential, especially if you’re aiming to prolong their lifespan until your next refill.

Why you should get an infills appointment?

Getting a eyelash refill appointment is essential for maintaining the fullness and beauty of your eyelash extensions over time. As your natural lash cycle progresses, you’ll experience shedding and regrowth, which can lead to gaps in your lash line and a less uniform appearance. Lash infills appointments help to address these issues by filling in any empty spaces with new extensions and replacing any extensions that have fallen out. Additionally, infills allow your lash technician to assess the health of your natural lashes and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that your extensions remain comfortable and secure. Ultimately, scheduling regular lash infills appointments will help to extend the lifespan of your eyelash extensions and keep them looking flawless for longer.

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Some FAQs about Lash infills

Some FAQs about Lash infills​
Some FAQs about Lash infills​

When is the Right Time to Get a Full Set or a Refill?

Deciding between a refill and a new full set depends on several factors, including the condition of your current extensions and the percentage of lashes that have shed. Typically, refills are recommended every 2 to 4 weeks to maintain their fullness. However, if you’ve lost a significant number of extensions or want to change your lash style, a new full set might be more appropriate.

Refills vs Full set eyelashes - Are they the same?

While both procedures involve applying eyelash extensions, lash infills are maintenance sessions that add extensions to new natural lashes and replace those that have fallen out from the existing set. In contrast, getting a new set of lash extensions is a more comprehensive treatment that involves removing any remnants of the old set and starting anew. Each serves a specific purpose in the lifecycle of wearing lash extensions, with infills sustaining the look and full sets renewing it.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back After Lash Extensions?

Yes, they do. The loss of natural lashes with extensions is usually part of the normal shedding process associated with the natural eyelash growth cycle. Once the lash extension sheds with the natural lash attached to it, a new lash will already be growing in to replace it. In cases where the natural lashes are damaged due to improper application or removal of extensions, or from excessive rubbing or pulling, they may take longer to grow back or could potentially grow back weaker. However, with proper application and care, your natural lashes should remain healthy and continue to grow back after wearing extensions.

In conclusion, lash infills serve as a vital maintenance procedure in prolonging the beauty and longevity of your eyelash extensions. At Eye Design Salon, our skilled technicians meticulously apply infills to fill in any gaps, ensuring your lashes remain full, uniform, and aesthetically pleasing between full-set applications. By regularly scheduling infills, you not only maintain the integrity of your lash line but also receive expert care tailored to your unique needs, resulting in stunning, long-lasting results. Trust Eye Design Salon for your lash infill needs, and experience the difference in quality and craftsmanship firsthand.